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CD Industry Standards

or a much more extensive and thorough explanation of many cd standards visit Here is a summary of standards and commonly used identifiers.Red Book — Audio CDs, (CD-DA)Yellow Book — Data CDsGreen Book — CD-I (Compact Disc Interactive)White Book — VideoCD (VCD)Orange Book — Physical format for recordable CDsPart I - CD-MO (Magneto-Optical)Part II - CD-WO (Write-Once; includes "hybrid" spec for PhotoCD)Part III - CD-RW (Rewriteable discs)Blue Book— CD ExtraCD ExtraA mixed mode CD, 1st is Data, 2nd is CD-DA (CD Plus) - Examples: Game CD, PlayStation CD, and Enhanced CD.CD-UDFIndustry-standard incremental packet-writing file system.CD-TextPhilips' standard for encoding artist,...

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Long Term CD Storage – Archival Storage

Tyvek Sleeves are, in our opinion, the best long term storage sleeve. With more people using digital recording devices, long term CD storage is becoming a popular subject. Some recordable CD (CDR) companies advertise 100-200 year storage life. Some people dispute whether those figures are accurate; I doubt I’ll be around long enough to prove it one way or another. But, with a little TLC, you and I can make CDRs last a very long time. Over the years I’ve taught these simple rules for keeping CDs, CDRs, and DVDs working and enabling long term CD storage.

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CD and DVD Labeling

If a CD or DVD isn't labeled in some way, it either goes in the trash or becomes a dog toy. A recorded CD or DVD just isn't very useful if it's not labeled. Discs can be screen printed, printed on special disc printers, labeled with CD DVD labels, or marked with a permanent marker. In this article we examine a few of the most popular labeling methods.CD Screen Printing - the method used in  most large CD replication. Normally the disc surface is printed using screen printed methods. This is an expensive option unless you are running large quantities...

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Freeing a Stuck CD

When you work with something like CD’s and CD drives for a long time, you forget that many people don’t know how easy it is to free a CD stuck in the drive. The other day someone needed to know how to get a stuck CD or jammed CD out of a drive. I told them about the “tool” I’ve kept handy for 12 years for un-jamming CD’s. The tool is a paper clip with one side bent out. This is one of those paper clip rule breakers. You actually do stick the metal thingy into the hole. As long...

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