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CD and DVD Labeling

If a CD or DVD isn't labeled in some way, it either goes in the trash or becomes a dog toy. A recorded CD or DVD just isn't very useful if it's not labeled. Discs can be screen printed, printed on special disc printers, labeled with CD DVD labels, or marked with a permanent marker. In this article we examine a few of the most popular labeling methods.

CD Screen Printing - the method used inĀ  most large CD replication. Normally the disc surface is printed using screen printed methods. This is an expensive option unless you are running large quantities of discs.

Blank CDr Printers - home use CD printers are becoming more and more popular and the prices are dropping. Using thermal printing methods they can produce a very nice printed CD. Most people still don't have this type of printer and they require special printable discs that are more expensive.

CD Label Sheets - stickers for your CD. Label sheets come in a variety of materials; the most popular are matte CD labels and gloss CD labels. Matte labels are a little thicker and aren't as transparent. Easy to use and pretty easy to apply, the biggest advantages of paper labels is they are inexpensive. CD labels should not normally be used on DVD discs or discs that will be played in car "slot" players. Many people also believe they should not be used on discs that will be stored for more than five years.

Permanent Marker - It is normally considered ok to mark a CDr with a Sharpie. We recommend that you either write in the hub area or areas that are not recorded. This is a cheap fast method. It looks only as good as you can write. So, in my case, I'll stick with labels.

With a little thought and time you can make sure your CD and DVD collection looks it's best and is easy to use. A printed CD label blank can be used to make your discs look their best and are great for categorizing. CD labels used with care are an easy and inexpensive way to make your recorded discs look their best.

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