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Blank CD Labels

What's pretty, blank, and round all over; a cd label. Paper labels are easy to print and come in handy for categorizing your discs, but they can ruin your discs if you're not careful. Blank matte cd labels will accept laser and inkjet printing. Gloss labels are made with laser gloss stock or inkjet gloss stock. The two types are not interchangeable. Inkjet stock has an extra special coating added to keep the ink from mottling and blurring. While making your cds look their best may be your top priority, it's important to keep the following in mind:Poorly attached labels...

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CDs for Games

CDs and DVDs used to be the mainstay transport devices for distributing electronic games. In most case the days for getting a PlayStation or Nintendo game on CD or DVD is gone. Most distribution is now done with online downloads. But, there are still many games distributed, aka Redbox, on disc.

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Buskerdoo! I wanted to let you know how happy I am right now! Your company has not only been very helpful and friendly throughout this quick turnaround on my project, "BEND", but you actually delivered the whole project one day early! And...the product looks great and I got 15 extra cd's!Oh, I will be recommending you in the future to other artists!"Just wanted to say how happy I am with the mailers. I've been mailing 4 or 5 cds/week for two months now and have had no complaints from the receipients. They are so much easier to use than all...

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CD Storage Alternatives

CD storage alternatives ranging form CD paper sleeves to Tyvek CD sleevesIf you are like my family, you have CDs, CDRs, and DVDs in cases, in sleeves, in boxes, and stacked on top of the desk. Some of mine are even under the desk. What to do with all of those CDs? What is the best storage method?There seem to be almost as many CD storage alternatives as there are types of CDs these days. The right CD storage solution depends on many factors such as how many CDs you have and estimate you will have, where you plan to...

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CD Replication and Packaging Terms

Amaray:Amaray is the DVD packaging standard for the video entertainment market. This case is also sometimes referred to as DVD clam-shell or DVD soft-box. Height: 192.00mm, width: 136.46mm, depth: 15.00mmBackliner:The printed piece that goes in the back of the jewel case and folds to show on the spine. Sometimes called a tray card. When dealing with printed materials, booklets (or inserts) and backliners are frequently priced together as a set.Blue Book:The specification for combining audio and data seamlessly on one CD. This standard is also referred to as CD-Plus. There are also orange book, yellow book and red book standards.Booklet:The...

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