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CD Industry Standards

or a much more extensive and thorough explanation of many cd standards visit Here is a summary of standards and commonly used identifiers.

Red Book — Audio CDs, (CD-DA)

Yellow Book — Data CDs

Green Book — CD-I (Compact Disc Interactive)

White Book — VideoCD (VCD)

Orange Book — Physical format for recordable CDs

Part I - CD-MO (Magneto-Optical)
Part II - CD-WO (Write-Once; includes "hybrid" spec for PhotoCD)
Part III - CD-RW (Rewriteable discs)

Blue Book— CD Extra

CD Extra
A mixed mode CD, 1st is Data, 2nd is CD-DA (CD Plus) - Examples: Game CD, PlayStation CD, and Enhanced CD.

Industry-standard incremental packet-writing file system.

Philips' standard for encoding artist, album and track information on audio CDs.

Hybrid CD
Mac and PC format written on the same disc, 1st is MAC, 2nd is PC.

File layout standard (evolved from High Sierra format).

Rock Ridge
Extensions allowing long filenames and UNIX-style symlinks.

Extended Architecture
Standard Yellow Book sectors
May be of form-1 or form-2
2048 bytes of data, with error correction, for data
2324 bytes of data, no error correction, for audio/video

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