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Blank CD Labels

What's pretty, blank, and round all over; a cd label. Paper labels are easy to print and come in handy for categorizing your discs, but they can ruin your discs if you're not careful. Blank matte cd labels will accept laser and inkjet printing. Gloss labels are made with laser gloss stock or inkjet gloss stock. The two types are not interchangeable. Inkjet stock has an extra special coating added to keep the ink from mottling and blurring. While making your cds look their best may be your top priority, it's important to keep the following in mind:

Poorly attached labels can cause disc wobble. With today's higher speed cd recorders it's imperative to center your labels.

Bad Adhesive on labels can harm discs. Most CD labels available on the market now have milder adhesives than general-purpose labels and shouldn't react badly with the top layer of the recordable cd.

Don't peel off the cd label. After it's attached, leave it. If you peel off a label it will take the top reflective and dye layer with it.

Long term storage issues can be made worse with labels. CDR media has a manufacture shelf life of seventy to two hundred years. Many things can affect the longevity of a disc; heat, moisture, and possibly labels. Even though we haven't seen any professional testing that's proved the longevity of labels one way or the other, your probably better off safe than sorry. Don't use a label for discs that have to be around and working in ten years.

Buskerdoo labels are compatible with many formats including Memorex CD Labels and Neato CD Labels.

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